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Wednesday, July 30, 2014


My weeks have been taken over by work--vacation bible school to be exact. At least I get to craft in my office, but I had to take stuff home, because there's so much to do!!
I've finished the coral-scapes for the north walls of windows. Each window is floor to ceiling in the Parish Center, with brick columns between each. Volunteers have decorated the windows with twisted crepe paper streamers cut and taped to look like waves. Like this, found on Pinterest:
Love this for under sea room theme weird animals vbs
The coral-scapes will go on each window ledge at floor height. Meanwhile, volunteers are making jelly fish, starfish, and turtles for the two walls that will sport a water habitats. The other two walls will be decorated as rain forests, with homemade tissue paper flowers, vines, streamers and a couple of palm trees. So much to do!
And a HUGE THANK YOU to my crafty friend Gemiel, whose church hosted the same VBS theme of Weird Animals and donated the leftovers to other churches--mine included. I shrieked when I opened your priority package stuffed (if you ever need help packing for a trip, Gemiels the go-to girl) to the brim with your donated items. All of which we did not purchase. Oh what fun we'll have now!! Mil gracias, merci beaucoup and danke!!
Now, I have to sketch out where all the decorations will go, so that I can be free to sort and organize the supplies for the week and play the games with the crew leaders so they have a heads up. Did I mention the our conference room will turn into a swamp, with so many frogs the kids will just croak when they enter (pun intended).
I'll post more pics once the room has been transformed. Wish me luck!!

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