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Friday, July 11, 2014

Swan Lake

So today I pulled out all the stops and tried my hand at a waterscape. I learned a new technique--if you really want your paint to spread in amazing ways, wet BOTH sides of the paper. Once I drew a line across the page, I tilted it back and level and got a lovely mirror image for my water scene.
I built up the trees and tried to give them more dimension. I added some white clouds in the sky. And I looked at it and went--hmm, boring. No focal point, and too much blue again! So, I continued using white paint and added the swans floating in the forefront. All I have to do now is sign it.
I like it. And I continually learn from each canvas I paint! Maybe by the time Fall semester rolls around, I won't need to take a watercolor class anymore. Maybe I'll branch out to other media. Meanwhile, I borrowed six books on watercolor painting from the library. I'm planning on spending a lot of time this weekend with my brushes!!