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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Waterscape Minus the Swans

After a very long week where all my crafting went into vacation bible school decorations, I was finally able to pull out the paper and paints and try my hand at another waterscape. I tried the same technique of wetting both the back and front, then painting a line across the paper, tilting it up and then down, for that water-mirror image.
I even added some clouds into the sky (patting myself on the back) and remembered to color the water beforehand. This time, instead of swans being the focal point, I decided to paint in some brush and rocks into the foreground and let the shoreline across the water be the focal point.
As you can see, I signed it, which means I like what I created. All my watercolor paintings are put into my art journal, but only the ones I like have been signed. I treat the others as learning tools.
I won a non-credit course at the community college at an auction last Spring, and had planned to take a watercolor painting class. By the time the Fall semester offers its catalog of classes, I might just have to look for something else!
If you were able to take a free class, what would you choose? I want to learn Adobe Photoshop Elements 12, how to roll sushi, learn German, move around to Zumba, and about nine other things! If I had the time and money, I'd be a professional student!!

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