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Friday, May 1, 2020

Let's Paint the Town Red (and other assorted colors)

I got out my paints today and not only painted my 2nd patio table top, but created three canvases with the leftover paint. My kitchen table is covered with drying projects, so tonight we are eating supper in the living room. I should be able to finish putting the gloss varnish coats on them all by day end tomorrow.

I wanted to show you two of the extra canvases. With me, fluid acrylic painting is like proving the theory of chaos. No two paintings are the same, and depending on if you pour or dump your paint, you get some very different results.
Here is a  small 8x8 inch stretched canvas using the leftovers paints from my table top (I'll show that photo to you when I've finished varnishing it and put it back on its legs). I like the smooth flow of colors it presented. My daughter liked it so much she took possession of it and it will be hanging in her room soon.
The one above is from the same cup of paint!! Totally different outcome-where are the rest of the colors?! I think I didn't mix my paints and my pouring medium and water in the same ratios for every color. That's where the imbalance of colors ran off to.
Either way, I like my canvases, as well as my new table top. I'll post it, alongside its (unmatching) mate, another time. For now, happy crafting!

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