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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Painting Furniture Now

 Last summer a neighbor was moving out, and had put lots of "junk" at the end of her driveway for garbage pick-up. My crafty radar lit up when I saw 2 metal patio tables. The black legs were slightly rusted, and the tops were covered with these teeny tiny glass tiles, but several were missing. I asked and was given permission to take them and they've been in my garage for almost a year. I decided it was time to make some magic.
I took the tops off the tables, and 2 hours later I had chiseled off all the glass tiles. I sadly underestimated the time it would take to strip off the tiles. I had to use a wire brush to clean the legs, and afterwards, spray painted them gold. I think they turned out well, although my original colors were going to be pink and aqua. I couldn't find my spray cans in those colors, so gold it was!
Next, I set up my acrylic paints to do a fluid paint pour. I expected a lot more black to show up, but the pattern isn't bad, and in the sun, the black doesn't show up much.
You can't really see it, so I took a close-up of the sparkle I put

I am starting on my 2nd table top tomorrow. I know the pattern won't be the same, not with a fluid paint pour, but I'll use the same colors, so it will all work out.
I can't wait to take my tables to my "cabin in the woods" and start working on the other deck furniture! Meanwhile, my 2nd table top awaits.
Happy crafting, guys!

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