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Monday, April 6, 2020

I Broke My Sewing Machine

Now that the CDC decided everyone should wear masks when going out,  there are none to be had. So I pulled out my inherited portable Singer sewing machine (1970's). The last time I used it (12 months+) it was stuck in "wind bobbin" mode.
I was determined to get it working so I could make a few masks to go grocery shopping. I Googled and they actually had a PDF of the owner's manual for it! During the next three HOURS,  I managed to:
...drop the needle down into the bobbin case,
...take apart the bottom of the sewing case and recover it, the needle to pull the bobbin thread up,
...pulled out a massive knot of thread from the bobbin case,
...and finally sewed 2 pieces of material together. That was all I could handle that day.
The next morning I cut and ironed a handful of soon-to-be masks. I placed my first mask in position, stepped on the foot pedal, and it broke my needle!!
So my masks are hot-glued. They may not be pretty, they may not be able to go into the washer, but I can at least go out when my milk expires (or I run out of it).
The glue gun is to a crafter like duct tape is to a guy.
True story...


Borqna said...

Stay safe!

Borqna said...

Me again -
MASK from a simple scarf:
I can't wait to see your new art creations!