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Friday, April 10, 2015

Warmer Days and Chilly Nights

We're on the final stretch of my Birthday Blowout Celebration. As soon as all the winners are announced after April 15, I will start getting the prizes packaged up and sent out to everyone. Meanwhile, I wanted to talk about nicknames. A person can go through life never receiving or giving themselves a nickname, while others gather and lose them throughout the lives.
When I was born, I was called Daddy's Little Deduction, because at that time in the U.S., April 15 is called Income Tax Day, and everyone who works must file their income and expenses with the government by that date. I was called Patty by my cousins and sisters when I was growing up, and till hear it come out of their mouths every now and then. Then there's my BFF, Janie, who lovingly called me Chicken Liver Pate. I still to this day do not know how she came up with that one!
Do you have a nickname? If you've had more than one, what's your favorite? Leave me a comment today with your answer for today's prize giveaway.
Today, I found a colored image stuck in one of my stash files of patterned papers and decided to create a quick card with it for today's Birthday Blowout celebration. The image is from Whiff of Joy, an oldie but one of my faves. It fits well with these early days of Spring, where I wake up to the promise of warmer weather, but the hours after dinner cool off more than I'd like. A mug of tea is still a comfort on these chilly evenings.
I found a piece of patterned paper in my stash from a DCWV paper stack. I used a Diamond Dazzle gel pen to fill in the lines of flowers on the paper to give it a little shimmer, as well as some shimmery satin ribbon from Martha Stewart. I stamped and punched out my sentiment, using it as the center of my flower embellishment.
Winner Announcement: The winner of the April 4 Blog Post prize as been posted. ThE snapshot is on that post. The winner is:  SUSAN SLOMSKI
Congrats, Susan! Send me your email address. You're getting a surprise in your inbox. Go check out the April 4 post to see what you won!!
That's all, crafters. Don't forget to leave a comment today and for the rest of the celebration. I have lots of prizes to give away! LOL



My daddy was in charge of naming me and he won't tell my mother what the name was. He told my mom he would name me Petunia (like the flower) and he always called me that as a nickname. My mom cried when I was born and Dad picked the name Virginia. I've also always been named Ginny.
Virginia Montagna

ike said...

Such a pretty card and the background paper is lovely and so goes well with that super ribbon :-)

I didn't have a nickname in my early years but got called IKE when I joined the Police all those years back and I stuck with it after I retired :-D


Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Congrats to Susan!

Today's card is sweet as well. I really like how you made the sentiment the centre of the flower. Clever idea.

As far as nicknames go...
When I was little, my dad called me Peanut for a while because I was small when I was very young. Then when I was a bit older he called me LuLu Bell. I have no idea where that one came from.

When I was in grade seven, I wore 'Tomahawk' boots and my locker neighbour noticed and started calling me Squaw. Yeah, I know, these days that wouldn't be politically correct at all but back in the 80's it was okay. The name stuck with me (with a select group) until I graduated grade 13.

My husband calls me 'Bum' but it has nothing to do with my butt or anything like that [get your mind out of the gutter ;)]. More like, "oh you bum...I can't believe you did that" in regards to both the good and unexpected things I'd do or the more cheeky ones. TMI??!!


Pat said...

I am really enjoying these nickname stories. Thanks for sharing!

Kathy said...

I guess Kathy is a nickname, but it's become my only name in most places...except banks! I had several others thru the years. My grandmother called me Kitten as a toddler, then KitKat as I got older. In college, I was dubbed Dirks from my surname, but I wanted to be called Kit. That name didn't stick. Many work associates called me Kaybee from my initials. My favorite nickname is my husband's name for me--Lovey.

Edwina said...

Pat, My nickname is Winna by my family. it is short for Edwina. In the 7th grade I was called Grandma through the first half of the 10th grade when we moved. Why Grandma? Because I had coke bottle glasses, wore my long hair in a bun and wore dresses almost to the floor. At least It was a nice nickname. :)
I love your card. The sentiment is great. I like cards that bring joy to a person. I can just see the person receiving this one smiling and saying my friend is so sweet. Thanks for sharing. Edwina Brown

Holley (Tondre) Barnhart said...

Congrats Susan. I just love this card. Gorgeous. As far as nicknames go, hmmm, kids would tease me and call me Holly Hobbie. I don't know why that bothered me so much back then. At work it was very chaotic and I have this serious voice that sounds like a drill sergeant. I mean a real drill sgt. I can bark the orders louder than any. So they pretty much named me sarge. As for the hubby, he used to call me punkin. I have no idea why? seriously.

LChippy76 said...

Pretty Card!!
In school my nickname was RED - I have Strawberry Blond hair, LOL
Another nickname is Sunshine!! ;)