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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Lisa's Birthday Card

Hello all!  My name is Lisa D. and I'm here to talk a little bit about the lady of the hour herself, Pat!  

I originally met Pat back in the fall of 2013 through my challenge blog, the Path of Positivity.  At that time she had been entering challenges for a couple months and had been chosen once by the Voters as a winner and once by the team as our Most Inspirational choice.  We started talking at that time and she let me know how much she enjoyed participating in our challenges.  We as a team were always thrilled to see not only her creations but also what she had to say on our theme each month.  Often during the month, I'd receive a message from one or more of our team members stating,  "oh you have to go and see what Pat has written" because she always had something so positive and incredible to share in her posts.  This is one of the things that drew me to her.  We were very fortunate to procure Pat as a full time team member in January of 2014.   Since joining she has added another role to her job description as she writes for a special column we have called, "Ponderings Along the Pathway".  If you haven't read any of her positive reflections then you are truly missing out on something incredible.  I was also lucky enough earlier this year to have Pat come on board the team for the 12 Months of Christmas Challenge that I co-coordinate with Monica Taylor.  It is great having her on both of my teams.  I can always count on a thoughtful project and post from her. 

Throughout the past year our 'work' relationship has blossomed into something more.  As time has passed I have come to learn more about Pat and I can honestly say that I am fortunate and blessed by the relationship we have developed.  While we have never met in person, I can truly call Pat my friend. You can count on her to cheer you up with something funny or just to listen if you're having a hard day.  When I found out that she was planning a birthday bash, I just had to jump on board as one of her sponsors and of course as a cheerleader!  My life has been truly enriched since Pat has come into it and I hope that yours has as well.

As those of you who've been following Pat for a while now know, she is a talented writer and also makes really wonderful projects with a focus in mixed media art. If you are new to her blog, it would behoove you to spend some time looking through past posts and creations.  I'm sure you'll find many things to inspire you. 

So before I go I just want to say "Happy Birthday Pat".  May you have a fabulous birthday on the 15th and continue to be blessed throughout the year to come!  Here is a special digital 'card' that I have made for you in honour of your special day!

Credits:    Images...Nicecrane Designs
               Sentiment...Create with TLC
               for all the details, check out the post on my personal blog, by clicking HERE.

Dearest Lisa,
You are one of a kind (in a good way). You truly inspire me and other to stretch their creativity, step out of their comfort zones, and relish in all the positivity in the world.
Thank you for the lovely write-up and for my special birthday card. It is gorgeous!!

Hear that, crafters, time is ticking away. There are only a few more days to go back to the initial post and comment there, Follow me, and place my Birthday Bash badge on your sidebar, in order to be guaranteed prizes for this celebration! 
Today, if you have time, click on the ponderings link and read my write-ups. Which one strikes a chord in your soul? Leave me a comment with your answer for today's prize, the Heartland mini set containing 12 items...
Spread the love, please! Who doesn't like to win free stuff, especially free crafting stuff!! LOL

Have fun today!


Kathy said...

Serendipity has been a factor in my life and the lives of loved ones so often that it truly strikes a cord with me. I even like the word itself! Is anyone else old enough to remember The Seredipity Singers? I remember singing "Don't Let the Rain Come Down" at hootenannies. (For you young folks, that's a party similar to a Rave, without the lights).


Love the "Panderings Along the Pathway---Serendipity" dated 3/6/15, especially the "4 leaf clovers, rainbows, shooting stars & lemons." Also Lisa's message on your blog was beautiful. Love the prize she is offering---Heartlanbd mini set.
Virginia Montagna

Edwina said...

Hi Pat, I get the POP e-mail updates and I have just read your post. You do a great job with that. I think one of my favorite posts had to do with Possibilities. I like how you ended the post with All you have to do is take that first step. Possibilities lead to opportunities; opportunities lead to action...action leads to possibilities…and the circle is endless." There are so many possibilities out there. Thank you Pat for these words each month. They cause us to stop and ponder what we may take for granted. Edwina Brown

Julie Odil said...

I always wondered who wrote the Ponderings along the Pathways. They are always thought provoking. I've enjoyed every one that I've read. Great work!

ike said...

What a wonderful card from the fabulous Lisa :-) She is a gem isn't she ? ! :-D

Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Ahhhh....thanks sweetie.

You are so very welcome!

LChippy76 said...

S W E E T Card!!!
Liked the Laughter post on 3/30/15 is one of my Fav's!!!