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Saturday, April 25, 2015

And so the student becomes the teacher...

I had mentioned in an earlier post that I had re-discovered a box STUFFED with papers that I had forgotten about. I placed it on my craft table and promised that I would use it before buying (or even looking) for other papers. Well, that box took a pretty big hit today!!
My Granddaughter is sleeping over this weekend, and the number one pastime she want to do is CRAFT!! last night she made a card, and we both made bookmarks.
This morning, I returned from German class and found her busily creating origami boxes. Now, I had seen them before, but didn't know how to make them. She went through a demo, then we went step by step (with her correcting my mistakes) to leaning over me and watching that I correctly folded my paper. I made the big one made with 12x12 paper and three smaller ones made with 6x6 papers. She is faster and made the rest, along with all the tiny ones that are out of sight. And so the student becomes the teacher...
I chose to gift her with all but one of the boxes I made, so she can offer them in her "sale." Meanwhile, I am trying to think of ways to incorporate the box into a project for a challenge. Will I be successful? Only time will tell!!
BTW, I am mailing out the physical prize packages this weekend from my birthday celebration,so some of you should receive them later this week. I need time to concentrate on my digital prizes and their new homes, and I can't accomplish this with Bella at my elbows, so it may be Monday before I start that. Thanks again to everyone who joined in the fun! I hope you return for inspiration.


ike said...

Oh, such cool little boxes :-) I used to do origami when I was a lot younger :-) This is an excellent way to use up some of that paper :-D
Have a great weekend with her and have fun crafting :-D

IKE xxxx

Edwina said...

My sister in law makes these. I think they are very neat looking. I hope I don't miss your post where you use yours. Edwina Brown

LChippy76 said...

Looks like you & Bella had so much FUN making the Origami Boxes!!! C U T E !!
THANKS again for letting US be a part of your BDay Bash!!!
Truly AMAZING!!! ;)