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Friday, May 11, 2012

Scrapbook Place BLOG HOP and Queen Kat Designs

Today I am part of Your Scrapbook Place's Blog Hop.  The theme is Mothers' and Fathers' Days, and we are showcasing projects in appreciation of  moms and dads everywhere!
I made another card using Queen Kat Designs' "This Flower Feels Squishy" by artist Carla Morrow for my blgo hop project.  I am giving Mother's Day cards to my mom and Gram (101 years old and still kicking), my sisters, who are godmothers to my kids, and my MIL.  This one is going to my sister Kathy.  She likes dragons.
 I made a 6x6 card using ivory cardstock.  After punching the corners, I added a piece of patterned paper, slipping the corners into the punched paper. 
I framed my image with diecut papers, embossing one of them first, as well as a torn piece of sheet music snagged at an estate sale by my cropping girlfriend, Carol.
A clump of flowers in the corner and adhesive pearls as a border, and my card is complete.  Well, I did layer the inside as well, wishing Kathy a relaxing Mother's Day.  I'm seeing her on Saturday, so I can hand her the card along with a hug.
This image is one of the May new releases from Queen Kat Designs and available for sale HERE.
Now onto the HOP.   The theme of course is Mothers' and Fathers' Day projects, and
this month, Scrapbook Place Blog is offering a beautiful prize from Shannon Leffew.  Here's what she has to say about herself:
Hello! I am a wife and SAHM of 4. I have been scrapbooking since 1997 and have since fell in love doing altered projects. I created my etsy store to earn a little extra income. I feature mostly flowers in my store but I will also do custom orders for almost anything. In my spare time I also like to garden, take pics, read and host parties. Please stop by my blog and leave me some love .  I would also love it if you would visit me at my Etsy store HERE
Pictured is just a sampling of her flowers.
So, leave a little love for me in the comments section below.  Then go back to Scrapbook Place Blog and let them know how you enjoyed the HOP, as well as telling us a favorite story about one of your parents/grandparents.
I lost my dad in 1994.  I love to tell stories of him, especially this one:
Dad was a smoker.  Years ago, restaurants had baskets of personalized matchbooks at the cash register, to advertise their restaurants.  My dad was a hog when it came to taking these.  Instead of one, he would grab a handful.  So, hubby and I are on vacation with my parents, and have just finished dinner at a very nice restaurant.  Dad is at the table reading the check and figuring out the tip, while the three of us head toward the front when the idea for a major punk hits me.
So I go up to the hostess and say "The gentleman over there is a well-known matchbook thief.  When he comes to pay, he will grab a huge handful of the matchbooks you have.  Can you possibly tell him that there is a limit of ONE per patron?"
We skedaddle to the coatroom to watch the drama unfold.  He comes up to the hostess, who asks him how his dinner was.  He replies and then reaches in and grabs his usual ten or twelve matchbooks.  The hostess, God bless her poker face, tells him: I'M SORRY SIR BUT THERE IS A LIMIT OF ONE MATCH BOOK PER CUSTOMER."
The look on his face was priceless!!!  He backpedaled, stammered and dropped the matchbooks back into the bowl.  Then he heard our giggles, and we came out and the hostess was smiling and we told him what we had done.  So after a good laugh from him and us...
And the look on the hostess' face was just as priceless!!!
God bless you, Dad.  Thanks for the years as my dad and my friend.
Now hop on back to Your Scrapbook Place blog so you can be entered in the drawing to win some fabulous handmade flowers from Shannon Leffew!!


Melissa said...

Beautiful story Pat and what a priceless story!

Cindy said...

What a nice story and the card was super cute.

Linda W. said...

I love the new background and the type also, Pat! Your dad sounds like a priceless type guy! Thx for sharing! Love your card to the limits!

THERESA said...

This is just so cute and the flower(s) in the corner rounds it of perfect, love it, tfs !!
lotsa luv

luvmycards said...

Great card Pat and such a priceless story!!! Isn't it great to have such fav memories of our parents! Thanks for sharing!

Charlene Mitchell said...

Great card Pat and wonderful story of your dad!