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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Everyone Likes a Compliment

That is so true!  We do so much through the course of the day.  Some of it is mundane, barely if ever making a ripple in others' lives.  Other things comes from the heart, and when that effort shines through, it's very empowering to hear that you or your acts are appreciated.
This would be a great intro into some charitable or noble gesture, but it's really just a gentle hint to those very talented artists for whom design team members create a presentation for their stamps and digital images, be it card, layout or altered art.  There are times when all the beautiful comments from fellow crafters cannot lift up a cardmaker from the creative dumps (we've all been there), even if his or her creations are gorgeous.  I think all artists suffer from self-doubt at times, when everyone else can see the beaauty in their projects except themselves.
That is when an occasional comment from the image's own artist can send the crafter's heart soaring to new heights.  You have no idea what power your words have! 
I have been creating cards and layouts for years, and in the last year have had the honor and pleasure for designing for stamp companies to present to crafters around the world their artists' works.  I have most recently heard from two of the artists whose images I have lovingly used on my projects.  While my fellow crafters' comments pick up my spirit and acknowledge my artwork, hearing from a stamp or digital image artist regarding one of my presentations of his or her work just send me through the ceiling. 
It's like if your favorite author were to say to you, "Hey, I'm so glad you like my book and have been spreading the word about it.  I hear you write yourself.  Keep up the good work!" (But even better since I don't think I can manage writing a book).
I love what I do. Obviously, because it doesn't pay well (if at all).  But what artists think about money when they are driven to speak to the world through their artwork?  At least not in the beginning, nor at the end.  I have never received an image that I didn't fall in love with, and I try to make sure the original artist knows my feelings.  Because, after all, who doesn't like a compliment?

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Linda W. said...

So, so, so true Pat!