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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Storage Tips

When asked about storage tips, I am your go-to girl if you have no budget! Every storage location I have has been cadged from the free pile, thrift stores and clearance aisles! This first bit of storage is just a set of shelves picked up from arummage sale for $1. I store my CTMH ink pads and my 3D supplies, like Flower Soft and flocking on these shelves. Note I also have an anget I picked uop for 50 cents at another sale!!

Pictured below, I find that my 5-drawer file cabinet offers a lot of free storage--again, the file cabinet was from a rummage sale, going for $10 (what a steal, huh?). I placed a strip of industrial strength Velcro on it and hung all my Stickles on that strip for easy access. I also have started a new craze (for me at least of decotrating Frappe Caps (from Starbucks). These make tiny picture frames with dimension, and right now I'm storing them on the file cabinet. I also have a few hooks that I hand my slide covers, as well as specialty items that I have only one of. I look to my cabinet first when I need that item I have only one of.

I hope sopmeone can use these tips for their own space!!

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