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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

2011 New Lifestyle

In July of 2010 I received a wake up call from my doctor. This cartoon perfectly illustrates my possible future back then. Did I say wake up call? I mean death threat!
That is what it took for me to change my eating habits, my activity level and my outlook on life. Because of my doctor and her "threat against my life", I changed my bad ways. Within one week of the diagnosis, I had lost six pounds, started working out and searched the internet for resources and information. Because of my commitment in such a short time, my doctor, instead of discussing medication and other methods of bringing the numbers down, told me to take my sugar levels twice daily and call them in in one week.
From that first week in july until now, I have steadily lost weight and kept up an exercise regimen. I am not on any diabetes medication nor insulin. Desserts are a distant memory, and chocolate has passed these lips but once or twice. Although I have plateaued a couple times, I have not gained weight back. My goal is to lose 50 pounds by my next birthday, which is in April. I am very close, less than ten pounds (I believe in attainable goals).
Why am I telling you all this?
First, because if you haven't had your levels checked for diabetes, do not delay. I am now being treated as if I had already had my first heart attack--it is not fun.
Second, if by the time I celebrate my next birthday, I have managed to reach my goal, I am going to give out some extreme blog candy. So keep checking back here throughout the folowing months, and each time anyone posts comments to support and encourage me from now until April 15th, they will have their names put into a special drawing just for them.


Linda W. said...

You go girl - I'm behind you all the way! You will make that goal BEFORE your birthday - I assure you!

Donna Clark said...

Wow Pat... that is past right ? and the NOW is in which is excerise and your doing a fantastic job loosing that weight.. I imagine you will surpass your goal... keep on keepin on CONGRATS!!! hugs donna