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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snowmageddon Aftermath

I was a little girl when Chicago experienced the blizzard of 1967. I remember helping my mom dig a big enough "cave" in the street so that my dad would have somewhere to park when he finally made it home. We had to place the kitchen chairs in that spot so neighbors woiuldn't park there, and we still had to keep eagle eyes out for people who would move them away (the alley leading to the garage was gravel, so no plowing ever occurred there).

I also remember playing in the backyard. The temps had dropped and a sturdy crust formed on the snow, and we delighted in being able to walk on top of mountains of snow. Our swingset was only a foot off the top of our snowground, and if mom had let us, we could have easily climbed onto the garage roof.

Not much has changed between that blizzard and this one, except I am much older now and, if I wanted to, I could climb onto my garage roof without fear of Mom's scolding (well, my hubby would probably freak). Add to that a plowable driveway leading to our garage, a friend with a plow on his pickup, and better cold weather gear, and you get a mighty fine snow day!

Don't count on me being on the internet much today, not with all this fun waiting outside for me. Although the temps won't drop until later, and being that I am much older than in '67, I will try to have my fun before they drop. Wonder where the hot cocoa is?
Enjoy the day!

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