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Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I decided to try my hand at another water color.  I have learned to use more color, to brush on some water so that the paint spread, and to press the paper between books once dry so that it will stay flat. And the most important thing I learned is that I can add dimension, focus and structure with pen and ink.

While the paint was still drying, I already saw the poppies on the page. It took me almost two weeks to gether my courage to draw on my painting, but once started, I used the black and white ink pens to define each poppy.  Then I added some Copic coloring to add depth.

I am still learning how the water colors swirls, blots, drip and pool on my paper, but I think I am making headway.  At least enough to buy some heavyweight watercolor paper and to use bigger brushes! Art, after all, is a  journey of self-discovery. I am but a hiker on a colorful new path.

Where is your art taking you?

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