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Friday, April 25, 2014

Be Calm and Read On

You can't miss them. Those little posters that read "Keep calm and..."
They're all over Facebook and Pinterest and now they're on my blog!

I made a purse album for my teen daughter. She is in college, looking for a job and scholarships, and is dealing with a lot of issues. She does get anxious easily, so I made her a little Keep Calm album to flip through when she gets stressed or just plain needs a laugh.

I surfed around Pinterest, pulling these little tidbits of fun and then printing them on cardstock. Before I put them together on a jump ring, I laminated them so it would last.

She's going to keep it in her overstuffed backpack, so I had to keep the embellishments down to the bare minimum--a bow tied with two pieces of organza ribbon.

She loves it.  How do I know?  She gave me a big hug!! Now that's the kind of payment I like when I create!

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