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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Even Nice Girls Have a Little Naughty in Them

Now that the holidays are over and the presents I received put in their places, I have a little time to play with the crafting toys that have found a home in my room.  I received a wax sealing kit, which I am still deciding if I should keep or not.  What can I do with it, looking with an eye toward my card making? 
  Meanwhile, I made this card today for those friends to whom I send New Year cards.  With December being so busy, I don't send a lot of Christmas cards, but I do send new year cards to them in January.  I used the Queen Kat Designs stamp called "Bodice".  Would you believe that I won this as a blog prize and it was one of my very first stamps from QKD?  And I couldn't imagine how I was going to use it!  Now I find myself using it time and again.
  Here, I have a little after-Christmas theme going on.  I can't remember where I heard the sentiment, but I knew it was the perfect sentiment to go with my Christmas present corset.  Inside, the card reads. "And what did you get for Christmas?"
  So, whether you have been nice or naughty, what did you get for the holidays??  If you are still looking for some good rubber, QKD has an end of year sale on stamps that ends, well, today!! No coupon needed, go get yours HERE before the sale expires!!


Melissa said...

Love this card!

Shawna said...

Love it!!! That edging or die you used around the mat is gorgeous! I can see I am going to LOVE your blog.