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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 14 of Crafting Christmas - Set a Pretty Table

It's about time to finish up those last minute gifts and start working on the house and table decorations.  And guess what?!  I found more uses for those pesky yet useful toilet paper rolls!

The first project is favors for each guest, and so I made Holiday Crackers.  I just found a tutorial for these great holiday crackers here: 
In addition to making table favors, you can make coordinating napkin rings as well! 

The crackers require two rolls. Cut one in half and lay the pieces along the edge of wrapping paper, leaving about an inch between the longer roll and the two shorter rolls ( short  long  short).  Using double-sided tape, roll the paper rolls in wrapping paper, seal with more tape, then twist and tie the shorter ends (I used twine).  Whoops, don't forget to stuff your little treats inside before sealing (like I did the first one)!Tuck in the edges of the wrapping paper and decorate as you please.  I used a colored and Stickled image from Melissa (thank you!).

For the napkin ring, I cut a toilet paper roll in half and rolled it in the same Christmas wrapping paper and embellished it with a diecut snowflake and a jewel. Done and done!

These place settings will make a lovely presentation on Chrtistmas Day when my family comes over, don't you think?

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