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Monday, August 15, 2011

Squigglefly Challenge Really Pushed Me...

...out of my comfort zone and into a whole new world of stamping.  And my granddaughter loves it!
This cute little critter, from Squigglefly called Daisy Bear digi image, is a great image for cards and, as I found out today, for kids' Tshirts, too!  As this was my first attempt at "stamping" on clothing, there are a couple boo boo's, but Bella, my model here, sees past them.
I printed my image in a 5x7 size to fit the 4T cami that I planned to decorate.  I wanted to give Squigglefly a shout out, so I went to and added their name under the image.  That was the root of my first mistake.  When I used the copier at work to copy it onto a sheet of T Shirt transfer paper, I forgot that I had put words with the image, so I didn't "mirror image" copy it.  If you look really closely, the name backwards!!! LOL
Another mistake I made was to copy the image onto the transfer paper AFTER coloring it with Copics.  Granted, I would have had to color copy it, but it sure would have saved me some time and grief!
One last mistake---I used OLD transfer paper, and the image didn't transfer onto the shirt 100%.  I tried to "fill in" the lines with a fine-tipped Sharpie, but I wouldn't advise using one.
Well, those were the bad things that happened while trying out a (new to me) technique. Now for the good news.  My granddaughter absolutely LOVES the shirt!  And that, dear reader, is why I am posting a "less-than-perfect" project.  Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, or rather the eyes of the wearer, and to Bella, my project, made especially for her, is beautiful, faults and all.
The challenge this week at Squigglefly Challenge Blog is to use media that excites your sense of touch.  I used puffy paints and Liquid Glass for that effect, and it must work, as Bella keeps rubbing her hands over the front of her shirt!! 
Here's another project, a card using Squigglefly's Content Kitty digi image.  The card base is made from handmade paper, and the photo just doesn't show off the raw texture of it.  I colored Kitty with Copics and used Flower Soft and Liquid Glass for a little feline texture as well. I also placed adhesive-backed ribbon to frame the front window of the card, as well as fiber along the spine and  some hand-cut vellum leaves.  It really is a sensory-laden card!
You are invited to jump in the challenge at any time this week.  You don't have to use a Squigglefly image, but if you do you'll be eligible for prizes.  If you don't have any, try some of these FREEBIES out.  Just have fun!

Close up of Content Kitty image


marilynprestonn said...

So, so sweet this little top for your darling model! Love the kitty kat card too. :)Peggy

Tammy said...

Sweet shirt for a little sweetie-pie! Terrific results and I love your card too.

Holly said...

Oh Bella is just an adorable model! I love the little cami you made her! I'm glad you weren't afraid to try something new. I have printed digital images on to the transfer paper and ironed them on to some bibs. I just colored the transfer paper, but I think your way of coloring the image and then copying it colored would probably look better. I love the puff paint texture you added too! Fabulous job on this Pat! Your card is great too - some wonderful ways you added texture to that!

Stephanie aka Nerdette said...

I thought your shirt turned out just fab. Didn't even notice the back ward writing myself. Thanks for the tips though, I have wanted to try making shirts for my kids. I will remember what you have suggested.

I am sure your GD thinks it's just perfect. That is the most wonderful things about kiddies, they don't see mistakes.

Heather said...

Bella is such a cute model for the special shirt that her grammy made for her. Great job on the shirt and the card.