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Monday, October 26, 2009

Wendy's Christening

These two pages are part of the five new ones I completed this weekend. Again, the photos and some embellishments had been scrapped in one of those old timey grey paper oversized scrapbooks, but the sewer water got to the paper and I could only save parts of the layout. So I "re-scrapped" the event onto 12x12, my standard page size now. The little gown was something the church gifted us with on her Baptism day. The poem I saved and placed on the page described our experience to a tee: it is as if the baby were marrating, and says how she was sprinled with water but water and she didn't agree and she let everyone there know her feelings on the subject. What I most isremember most is forgetting her pacifier at home and the priest poured the water into her eyes and ears and she hollered until the place emptied!

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