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Monday, October 12, 2009

Trick or Treat part 1

I'm in the middle of a ruthless takeover of my craft room. Somewhere in the last month I seem to have lost my desk.
It takes me forever to find the embellishment I need, and
I have had to resort to closing the door when company comes.
So I am systematically going through parts of my room, cleaning
out and cleaning up. I have reorganized my stickers--they no longer need their own drawer, and some lucky person in one of my Yahoo groups is getting the fallout.
My ATCs are back in formation, having used baseball card holders in a binder. I have also said goodbye to the three foot stack of patterned papers I was hoarding. They have been partitioned out as well.
SO now that I have a small space on my desk, I was able to make two candy holders in celebration of Halloween. The first is a candy slider. The box is made, two holes are punched at the top, and a ribbon is looped through the front hole, around a candy bar, and up through the back hole and tied in a bow. All the hungry
trick-or-treater has to do is pull up on the ribbon and out pops a chocolate bar (Reese Peanut Butter cup, to be precise).
Here is the back of my candy holder.
I thought a chocolate quote would be apropos!

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Heidi Walczak said...

That saying is too cute! Good luck finding your desk too Pat :)