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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Anniversary Layout

In September we celebrated 33 years of marriage. The secret? I married him twice!! Long story short, we were both in the Army and I got papers to go overseas. We weren't married at the time, he was actually waiting on final divorce decree. So we up and went to Reno, got married (totally not legal) and turned in that paperwork so that he could re-enlist and get shipped out with me. Three weeks later the papers were signed, we got married (legally this time), but I still ended up in Germany without him.
Speaking of the Army, I just witnessed the formal swearing in of my son into Army Reserves today. His ship date isn't until February--even the Army feels the crunch of the economy and Chase's MOS (job choice) doesn't train until late April/early May, which is when his Basic Training ends and he starts job training. He went in as Military Police, which was his first choice, but the recruiter didn't think he could qualify for that position. I don't know why, since he has a two year degree in Law Enforcement.
Anyway, I had to take photos on my phone cause I got caught without my camera. I should have them printed and maybe I'll have some time to scrap his induction.
Funny thing, Chase thought I'd bust out crying, which I didn't. But unbeknownst to him, I had my cry earlier in the day with my best bud. I know, I know, it's not active duty, but if we don't get this Iraq thing over with soon, he WILL ship out after his first year.

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