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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Closer to my 2009 Goal

This is of the second baby shower thrown for me (yes, miss popularity). Both times I was completely surprised and not expecting a thing! Again, I lost a lot of photos, and this event took a big hit. I had girlfriends show up from high school I hadn't seen in twenty years, but no photos to show for it. That's okay, I journaled! LOL
I used basic grey "Blush paper and the journal box was another item from a swap that I received. I get such nice things when I join swaps. I hope the other participants think the same way about my items!
I am getting closer to my 2009 Crafting Goals. When I reach them, I will offer up some yummy blog candy, and since everyone loves the papers I used for the Starbucks coffee cup sleeves album, and the contest card, I guess I'm going to have to feature a pack of it in my Blog Candy. Check me out often, I am so-o-o close to meeting my goals!

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