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Monday, February 29, 2016

Healthy Lifestyle Starts NOW

I have felt like a slug all winter, with no motivation to get moving or eat healthier. Until I read about a Diet Trial Program offered through Woman's World magazine and created by Trim Healthy Mamas. I started the trial on Sunday, February 28 and wanted to share my journal entries with you.
Day 1 of my journey:

As soon as I woke up, a smile popped onto my face. This will be the start of something great, I thought. Although I dreaded going on the scale, I managed to not break into tears as I weighed myself. My courage came from the knowledge that I was on my way to a healthier me.

The measuring was very tough--who measures their body parts?! But I understood that in order to go forward, there has to be a starting point. With the help of my daughter, I managed to swallow my pride and note my measurements (I blush while I write this). It's time to make breakfast. Here we go!

I can't go into details about this Diet Trial meal plan until the results are published at the end of May, but they didn't send me anything to cook or chew on LOL I bought a set list of items with which to cook, and guidelines for how to prepare the food and what foods go with other foods. In fact, I did most of my shopping at WalMart!
Here's where it gets interesting:

Day 2 of my Journey:
Yesterday was easier than I thought. I didn't go to bed hungry, but I think I dreamt of what to make for breakfast. LOL This morning I got out of bed and went to weigh myself. I weighed myself three times...because I couldn't believe the scale. I am down 3 pounds! In one day!

Who would have thought losing weight would be so easy?! Of course, these results motivate me even more to stay steady on my healthy eating plan. My stationary bike had been attracting lazy dust bunnies, but this was the first time in forever that I used it twice in one week. So the bunnies will have to nap somewhere else this week! Mwahaha! I am on a mission of self-improvement.

You know, I am successful when I see successful results, and reading that scale on Day 2 just made me want to lose more poundage. So I am going to try to "get physical" every day this week. The second day I biked for 10 minutes and took a brisk walk with Wilson (who outpaced me the whole way, all 12 pounds of him). Tonight we're expecting a drop in temps and snow/sleet/ice, so I will try to stick to indoor biking, but I also work at the office. I packed my lunch already, and have to fit in that biking sometime in my day.

The reason I am journaling this adventure is that the magazine has given me permission to share my experiences (minus certain details and recipes) so that if you are interested in a trial, the magazine does them throughout the year. The contact person is Beth at: It may not be the same trial, but it couldn't hurt to kick-start your own journey toward a healthier lifestyle.

I'll keep you updated through the week in between my DT makes and art projects. I am so looking forward to sharing what I am experiencing!


ike said...
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ike said...

How fantastic - I am really rooting for you in your quest :-) It's good to measure because sometimes you might not lose pounds but inches instead so that will be your spirits up :-D I shall follow your progress with great interest and wish you all the best Pat :-D GO GIRL !!!!

Mega Hugz
IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

OMG !!! I had to delete and re-post cuz I put 'rotting' !!!!!!! :-( Aaaaarrrgggh !!