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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Memories of Seattle Aquarium in Water Color

We took a trip to Seattle over Spring Break so that we could check out Seattle University for when she completes her A.A. at the community college. It was fantastic, so much so that I want to go back to college as well!!!
We also took in the sights, including the Aquarium. It was an awesome visit, and I took tons of photos. One of them inspired me to water color this today.
I am a novice to water colors, but the last couple I've completed, I've liked enough to sign my name to them. This is one of them. Although to be honest, I should have started the jelly fish higher on the paper, as its tentacles(?) should be longer.
I'm going to dig up more photos that I can possibly use to practice my water colors. Have you tried sketching or painting from photographs?Any tips you can give me??


Linda W. said...

WOO HOO! Doing fantastic Pat. My sis has been begging me to get back into sketching and painting. In re: of your question about photos, I usually have to squint at the whole scene to determine where to start - kind of an all over photo without being picky. You are doing wonderful tho! Keep on keepin' on!

Holly Young said...

I think this is just fantastic Pat! Watercolors may just be your thing!