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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!

I'm writing this post two days before Christmas.  I will be very busy for the next two days cleaning house, preparing dinner, putting final touches on presents, pretty much checking my list at least twice, then spending time with family and friends (and eating too much)!
I wanted to showcase this gorgeous, gooey gingerbread house, a team effort between my teen daughter and my new granddaughter.  I have so much to be thankful for this year--
a new family that my son married into, complete with young kids,  in-laws, and a beautiful wife, both outwardly and inside;
 a job, complete with co-workers I call my friends (not to mention a salary);
 a home in which to keep warm this winter, whose walls stretch to welcome guests;
food to eat and share with family and friends, and with those less fortunate;
 good health and insurance to cover us when our health takes a slight dip;
 friends, neighbors and family to love and be loved by, to lean on, to help, to share successes and failures, and with whom to celebrate life's events;
 a strong faith on which to lean in times of hurt, anger, stress and despair, with which to share with those who need more than this earth can provide, who have lost (especially this year).
As I sit at my computer (another thing for which to be thankful), watching another Christmas movie, the nearby twinkling lights of the tree catching my eye, I can't help but feel blessed in this life.  So no matter what presents I unwrap, the best gift I received this year is life and love and my faith.  I have everything I need, and much more than I want!!  I am so lucky, and wish all of you who read this a very Merry Christmas!!

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