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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Wishes

Well, the presents are wrapped and under the tree. The food is in the fridge (or thawing out) and I'm starting on the pies.  The lights are on, the tree is up, the house smells like peppermint and holly and pumpkin pie.  Are you ready for Christmas?

I made this card earlier in the month so I could mail it off to a friend.  I used a Queen Kat Designs stamp from artist Catherine Swinford called Holly Fairy.  It's another simple card--white embossed image onto red cardstock, faux stitching, adhered to patterned paper base and embellished with a funky "Noel" and a glittery butterfly.

I look at this fairy as she bends over her gifts.  I like to think that, as a fairy, there are wishes in those boxes, not toys or clothes.  Wishes for people who need miracles, like my little Girl Scout who has a brain tumor and wants more time here on my friend's son who is deployed in Afghanistan and wants to return safely to his my friend's family who have lost their jobs and their home and wish for cheap housing and job those East Coast families whose homes were lost to the Hurricane and are still without shelter as winter the families of those young children lost to the insanity of a young man with a gun.

If Holly Fairy were to give me one of her boxes, I would wish for someone else's miracle this Christmas.  I have enough shoes and sweaters and tech toys and crafting supplies.  I have a home and food and a job and a car.  I have a healthy husband and kids and grandkids and sisters and Mom (and even a Grandma who's 102 years old!).  I have the luxury to give away my wish to someone who really needs it.  And for that, I drop down to my knees and thank God every day.

So this Christmas, enjoy the love, the lights, the food and family.  Make a wish for someone who has that missing in their lives.  Make it a Merry Wish!!

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