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Friday, December 7, 2012

Handmade Christmas Gifts Blog Hop

Well, we're in the home stretch and I have a ton of crafting to finish.  But I made some headway for today's Handmade Christmas Gifts Blog Hop.  If you came here from Miranda's blog, you're hopping along.  If not, try starting at Shannon's Blog so you don't miss all the handmade inspiration for the holidays.

I have a lot more people coming over for Christmas this year.  My son got married, and his new wife has four kids.  So this year not only are they coming for dinner on the 25th, but her parents are joining us as well.  So here is the gift I made for them.
I found this cool frame at Good Will for a couple dollars. It was originally a wedding frame but I removed the background paper and adhered some patterned paper  I had leftover in my stash.
Next came the small glass ornaments.  I had to glue them in so they wouldn't roll around.  Then I printed the words in brown ink on clear transparency and attached it to the inside of the glass.
The white wood framing with its thin lines of silver and gold was just distressed enough to keep it original, without being nasty enough to have to fix.
Did I mention that the "other grandma" also is a card crafter?  We already have plans to get together and craft after Christmas!!  Looking forward to getting to know her better.  Nothing breaks the ice better than a little ink, don't you think??

Next stop on the Hop is Shannon.  Please leave a little love before you go!
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Shannon -  Let her know what inspired you most!


Karon said...

Beautiful gift - and such a wonderful idea. I'm sure the gift will be well recieved. TFS

Sarah Biswabic said...

Very beautiful!

Maria said...

very pretty

Miranda said...

Miranda :)

Marianne said...

What an awesome gift. Thanks for sharing


Angelicnwa said...

what a great idea! And so simple to do! I may have to do that one!

Angelicnwa said...
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Camille Short said...

Whoa! Isn't this a gorgeous idea! Love the colors!