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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Another Wedding?!

Thank goodness it's not another of my kids, since the only one left is my 17 year old daughter!!  No, this wedding is for my boss' daughter, and she and her soon-to-be hubby will tie the knot on Friday this week.  Her color scheme is Navy and white, and she and he like a rustic feel to the event.
So, knowing how crafty her employee is (blushing), my boss asked that I create a box for the flower girl to carry down the aisle.  She saw one online and the rest is, well, right here:

Since I couldn't find a wooden box to save my life, I bought a paper mache box and covered it with patterned paper to resemble distressed wood.  The handle is made out of (almost) half a small grapevine wreath, although it made life easier to glue it onto a metal handle first, that I removed from a basket snagged at my local Goodwill store.  I attached it to the box with hot glue.  The white silk roses are hot glued onto the ends of the "handle" to cover imperfections and to make a nice presentation when the little flower girl comes walking down the aisle.  The bride specifically asked for cinnamon-colored printing.
Then I got a text last night from my boss (did I mention she is also one of my bestest friends?), asking if I could do another, smaller project.  It was a basket to hold cards from the guests.  All I had to do was change out the autumn-themed charms for these monogram charms and paint over the little wooden sign's original message, replacing it with the date of the wedding:
So that's two weddings for which I have created mementos and necessaries.  Now I wish my daughter-in-law's friend would call me with her Quinceanera invitation commission!  I'm going to need at least three months to make those, and would love to talk with her about the design and colors.  Wish me luck!!
And as always, keep crafting!!


Holly said...

You did a great job filling these requests Pat! I really love how your flower girl basket turned out.

Melissa said...

Beautiful baskets Pat! It's so much more meaningful to have handmades at a wedding!