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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Wedding Shower Card

This weekend I am taking time out of my frantic life to sit and relax and wish luck and happiness to the daughter of my friend and boss.  Her wedding shower is Sunday, and I just realized that I needed to make a card for the event.
I have been collecting photos and ideas on Pinterest for my son's wedding later this month, and found a lovely tutorial for making a wedding dress from a paper doily (HERE).  I think the presentation is gorgeous, so I planned a completely white card for her.  But...
I do not do two things well--white space, and absence of color.  So, I had to add a dash of color (navy, which is the color of her bridesmaids' dresses) to her wedding dress (two small snippets of grossgrain ribbon) and a bit of embellishment in the form of a border at the top of my card.  It started out as a red diecut border from K&Co that I turned around so only the white back shows.  Then I laced the navy organza ribbon through it and finished it off with a bow.
The card does not use a colored image from any stamp company, which is also very unusual for me, but I love the dress as the main focus on the card, and I hope you will too.  The sentiment is a rubber stamp from Stampin Up but I don't know the name of the set, as I got it from Goodwill for--wait for it--99 cents!!  I love Goodwill Stores!
Speaking of Goodwill, there are about three stores locally where I live.  I've been to all of them, and have snagged a dozen of these tropical drink glasses in heavy duty acrylic.  They were only 49 cents a piece!!
You know I am going to make glass tags for them so people will be able to ID their own glasses when they set them down, but they're for another post!

We have run into two setbacks with the wedding:  our DJ cancelled, and so did our minister!!  I have CDs but it's not the same.  And my sister, whose friend was the minister marrying them, felt so badly that she went online and "became a legal ordained minister" just so she can marry them!!!  (Yes, it's that easy)
But she would prefer to be my son's aunt and godmother only.  The ability to marry them is just the back-up plan.  Now I need to find someone quick!!!


Holly said...

really beautiful card Pat. Love how you did the ribbon.

SuzQ said...

Pat thank you for your comment on my blog Bottle Cork and Crystal. I am so sorry just answering your comment. Your right we are having a ball! I just hope the Blog goes off well!

SuzQ said...

Love the card! perfect doily dress for you upcoming wedding! Love it.