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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Food For Thought

Time for another Halloween card using the Queen Kat Design stamped image called Werewolf by artist Rossana Castellino.  This time I used her on a Z-Fold card with some Halloween patterned paper from Carol Lee Creations.  AND it's time for another installment in the life of our pretty Werewolf as it waxes and wanes along with the moon:

"She thought she needed some in-depth research into the human psyche and all its twists and turns, so she enrolled in a night class in philosophy.  She wan't stupid or anything, just not in tune with college life and the cruelty of a professor who had been turned down for tenure (again) earlier that fateful day.

When she didn't answer his question to his satisfaction, he tore into her in front of the whole class.  "Think, damn it," he cried in uncontrolled fury.  "What would it take to make you use that brain of yours and think?"

It wouldn't have been so bad if he hadn't also made a sarcastic remark regarding her unusually thick and abundant hair (especially on her long thin legs).  She left in tears, which soon turned to snarls in the light of the full moon.

As he was leaving the campus, she confronted him and it was her turn to tear into him...literally.  As she was gnawing at what little was left of him, she couldn't help but think of her former professor with a satisfied little smile as she finally had an answer for the question he had posed to her in class earlier.  "You, professor, have made me think.  You were excellent food for thought."

I hope you enjoyed my story and are inspired by my Z-Fold card.  You can find this pretty Werewolf stamp by artist Rossana Castellino at the QKD Shop.  Do you want a good reason to buy some Halloween stamps there?  Check out the Facebook Page and sign up for our customer blog hop, The Thirteen Days of Halloween.

A) You must use at least 1 Queen Kat Designs stamp OR fabric Block as the focal image on your project of the blog post.

B) The post that you make should include detailed directions on how you made your project so you may want to pick something simple to intermediate if you plan on signing up for more than one day. J

C) You are most welcome to sign up for more than one day, but please remember this is a commitment and if you forget it will break the hop and our hoppers will be lost in internet land.

Please see the line up below for the schedule of themes for our 13 days of Halloween Blog Hop. To sign up, please send an email to Vikki at info @ with HALLOWEEN BLOG HOP in the subject line. Please include the following info in your email body:

Blog Address:
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Although right now we are not limiting the number of sign ups we have on any given day, if we get an overwhelming response to a certain day, we may ask you to choose another option to help fill the 13 day hop. This is a first come first serve sign up.

Sign ups end September 5, 2012

Dates and Themes:
October 1: Skulls/Steampunk Halloween
October 2: Bats
October 3: The Color Purple (anything goes as long as you use purple!)
October 4: The theme is Spooky!
October 5: Skeletons/Bones
October 6: The Color Orange (same here! Use orange and you are good to go!)
October 7: The theme is Flowers! Make them into Halloween flowers!
October 8: Pumpkins
October 9: Lets get cute! Show us the cute side of Halloween.
October 10: Labels (old bottle labels, old advertisements, etc)
October 11: Vampires
October 12: Zombies
October 13: Happy Halloween

There will be prizes scattered throughout the blog hop for our readers to win and if you participate you may be asked to host a drawing for one! If you do not feel comfortable doing this please let us know when you sign up.

Each person who signs up and participates in our 13 Days of Halloween Blog hop will receive a special gift from Queen Kat and will be entered to win a prize pack from the Queen Kat Designs store! The drawing will be held after the blog hop is complete on October 14th.

After sending in your sign up email to Vikki, you will receive an email back as soon as she gets your sign up. Please allow 24-48 hours. We will send out reminder emails about the hop in July and August and in September we will send the posting schedule to you so you know who the next blog to link to will be.

We appreciate you all and hope your summer is going swimmingly!!

-The Queen Kat Designs Royal Court

So check out the shop, choose your faves and sign up for fun and prizes!!

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