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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Three More Days, Peeps!

Three more days to organize, shop, wrap, clean, set up, pre-cook, defrost, marinade, decorate, and craft--just three more days and my son will be married to the love of his life, Cami.  I'm finishing up the favors and the signage today, as well as buying the last items needed for the reception--steaks, champagne and MORE plates for a couple last-minute additions!
Just a few more handmade items to show you:

The first is the box in which some lucky guy will put his prize--the bride's garter!!  I covered a box with purple papers, embellished with faux stitching achieved by using my white gel pen, and words printed off my computer.  I fashioned them after those kooky T-shirts you can buy at all those touristy shops.  Mine reads, "I went to Billy and Cami's Wedding and all I got was the Bride's garter"  and the date.

The inside is covered as well, and a ribbon is tied around the sides of the box and into a bow.

Next up is the Guest Book.  I decorated this Goodwill find with 3Dstickers and some purple Copic coloring.
There were so many pages that I decided to print a small sign that asked guests to use as much as a full page to wish the couple luck, as well as writing their names and addresses.
 Each page sports a Palm Tree image.

Here is one of the other signs that will decorate the backyard.  This one is for the Sweets table and will offer the Hawaiian Fruit salad, some chocolate-covered strawberries, and the wedding cake.

Another sign will be at the Tiki Bar.  It's made to look like a street sign/traveling sign post, with places and arrows pointing the way toward "Aruba", "Cozumel", "Jamaica", etc.

We are supposed to enjoy a cool day around 80 degrees (knock on wood, burn the incense, please God).  But guests will be sitting in the middle of the park near the small lake under the sun, so we printed up personalized fans for cooling off the guests.

Here's one that hasn't been attached to a stick yet, and I think I'm going to confiscate it for my scrapbook layout, sans stick!!

We have Leis for the guests as they come to the ceremony, with special ones for the bride and groom, their moms, the Justice of the Peace, who happens to be my sister and my son's godmother, and his grandmother and great grandmother.

I have grass skirts galore, plenty of palm trees, a crate of coconuts, and we're swimming in seashells.  AND the most important of all, a crew of angels to help out on Friday, as well as that morning with set up, decorating, and packing and unpacking of cars.

So it looks like, even though I am going bald with stress, I am pretty organized, and ready for bear.  I am so busy that I haven't even though of the emotional repercussions.  it will probably hit me when the cake is being cut by the happy couple and the dancing begins.  then I'll be no good for anything, as I will be in happy crying mode all night long.

I am SOOOOO happy!!  Can you tell???

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Holly said...

These are fantastic! I really got a giggle out of the poem on the fan.