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Monday, August 6, 2012

More Wedding Handmades

I have been super busy getting ready for the wedding of my son to his fiance Camille.  The first thing I want to show off is a sign that will help guests locate our wedding party at the lake where the ceremony will take place.  Cami wanted to be married near water, but since this will be a small civil service before my son deploys, with only family and intimate friends invited, we weren't spending a  lot of money on it, as the church wedding will take place next year when Chase returns from the mideast.
The wedding has a tropical theme, with guests wearing Hawaiian shirts and flipflops.  I figured that the sign can be used in front of our house for guests as well.

Pictured here are a few of the favors.  The bags are filled with tropical trail mix, Jelly Bellies, tropical fish candies and pistacchios.  On each table will sit a sand pail (shovel included) filled with the favors.  The pails were another Goodwill find!

I also printed the menu, but only one per table.  I have beautiful frames in which to place the printed page.  And this is a big reason why w can't cater.  The menu includes as much Polynesian and tropical dishes as I could find on the internet, and the cost per person for this "little" wedding for 50 people (yes, it is growing) was prohibitive!  So hubby and I are grilling beasts this coming Saturday, and the party will be a huge success due to the help and support of my sisters and my mom.

There's no photographer for this reception, except for us and the guests, but we got a DJ who's a friend of the bride's, and it is not costing us a penny!


Sherry Hickey said...

Hi Pat! Best wishes to your son & his bride! My son married his sweetheart on 7/28; we had a luau rehearsal party! So I've enjoyed seeing your FUN ideas. One thing I did was order palm tree luminaria bags from Oriental Trading, and made a lighted pathway. When it finally got dark (lol) it looked magical! So happy for you! I put some photos on FAcebook of the wedding. God bless your son, too.

Holly said...

All of these are such cute ideas! congratulations to your son!

Maria Matter said...

Congratulations to your son! fabulous ideas!!