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Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Cards

Finally got enough time alone and at home to clean a space off my table and do some creating. After packaging up some PIFs and a giftie for my Bella Sistah, I sat me down with a stamped image of (I think) LuckyBella. I colored with Copics, glammed it up a bit with Liquid Glass and Stickles, and layered onto some colred chipboard and patterned paper. I used a decorative scissors and a corner punch, and finally layered a few primas and flowers.

I have more LuckyBellas, and St. Pat's Day is on its way, so I think I'll play around with the design and come up with a few more cards.

My girlfriend and her family came over for their New Year's Dinner at our house. We made BBQ ribs and garlic bread and corn on the cobs and had a wonderful supper.

Their son is one year older and a foot taller than my daughter (who is no pipsqueak herself). They used to play like cousins who see a good deal of each other, but that was when they were so much younger. Now they're 13 and 14 and shy and awkward with each other. I was concerned that Michael would feel left out since Wendy had a friend over for a sleepover. Not to worry, between the Wii and the computer, it took all of 15 minutes for them to be exchanging cell phone numbers!!

My bff, Janie, gave me back the stamping supplies I tried to start her out on. She just never got into it (can't understand that!!!). One of the items was the Kanji set from SU. There were two of the four stamps not even mounted yet! So in appreciation to her returning said items, I made a small note card set for her, using the stamps.

That's five more items made in 2009, and no new supplies used, just the stash I had on hand. I'm also getting projects ready to scrap at the end of the month. Got pics for three new pages ready along with paper and embellies. I also need to work on a card kit swap while I'm there. I'm glad I work at a school, I have tomorrow off! Maybe I'll clean off my desk from the work I did today!

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Tiffaney in VA said...

Pat - your goodluckabella is very cheerful. I like your color choices and her bit of sparkle.