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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Day Off

I took today off--off from work, off from scrapping and stamping, off from family and housework. I ran away to play with my girlfriend and we headed out to our favorite thrift store in West Dundee. It's the size of a KMart, and I can find items there ranging from 22 cents to $20. I hadn't been in over a year, and we stayed for four hours!!
Besides some cute, cute shirts, pants, sleepers and bumper pads for my Bella, I also got her The Big Piano from FAO Schwartz--you know, the one Tom Hanks plays in the movie "Big". Hubby is this moment opening up the battery box to see if it works. I figured for $3 it was worth the chance.
I got a few books and four nice sweaters that I can wear at work. I also found a beautiful 12x12 scrapbook album for under $2. I brought home two large trash bags and a smaller bag of kitchen items, craft materials, clothing for me and Bella, books and toys--all for under $40!
But most of all I had fun on the hunt! I love going to rummage sales and thrift stores. I try to keep an open mind and a sharp eye out for anything, but today I was in fact looking for a microwave bacon tray. I found it, paid less than $2. I just love a good bargain!!!

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