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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Best Friends

During the last few months, I've been keeping in touch with my friends, sending them handmade cards. Today's card features a digi image from the Queen herself, Sandra Caldwell. It's called Puppy and Kitty Friends, and I used colored pencils to give them their colors. I inherited a bag full of paper flowers, so I went wild with them on my card. Our dog, Wilson, loves to stop and sniff the flowers. His favorite is to walk headfirst through the dandelions that have gone to seed, where just a slight breeze sends the tiny light seeds floating through the air (except those that get stuck on Wilson's face).
Sandra's image showcases the widely different match-ups when it comes to friendships. Some people's personalities go together like coffee and donuts; others have people wondering, "how the heck did that happen?".While working at a local church, my co-worker and I were (and still are) total opposites. I never would have believed back then that we would become the best of friends, our relationship lasting through work conflicts, job loss and personal tragedies. Go figure!!

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