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Monday, December 10, 2018

It's Day 10 at Scribbles Designs' Raise the Hoof 12 Days of Christmas

You may have heard of Olive the Reindeer. There has even been a boo written about her. Well, this is NOT about that Olive. This Olive is a real diva. She blew into Santa's reindeer village a long time ago. Her dream was to meet the one and only Rudolph, have him fall madly in love with her beauty and charm, and they would lead Santa's sleigh together (which would ultimately lead to a few Christmas movies with her name in lights).

Poor Olive! She strutted around, teasing all the other reindeer. She even had her nails polished a bright red to match Rudolph's nose! She was a true coquette, very popular with the bucks. She didn't have any doe friends, but she was so busy trying to get close to Rudolph that she didn't notice.

Of course, Rudolph was in love with Clarice, and nothing could pull them apart. Try as she might, she got nowhere with Rudolph, and only got Clarice angry with her. And when Clarice is upset, Rudolph is upset. And when Rudolph is upset, Santa is upset. Olive's attitude and actions produced a domino effect, with her being the domino, or reindeer, to topple the hardest.

Olive knew she had to change, or at least set her sights on another buck. She's still on Santa's turf. She hasn't made up her mind yet, but loves to flirt and have "fun with the boys." The does are okay with her, as long as she stays away from the bucks that are already committed to other does. That's fine with Olive. After all, there were plenty of bucks on the tundra, and there was plenty of time before she had to settle down...

Welcome to Scribbles Designs' Raise the Hoof 12 Days of Christmas holiday celebration! Today is Day 10 and Olive is today's new release! Each day from December 1 - 12, Scribbles is releasing a Christmas digital image. For more information on the celebration, click HERE to go to the main blog.

My card is a hybrid, a mix of digital and hand-colored images and embellishments. Here's what went into it:
Image: Olive from Scribbles Designs
Papers: Marta Van Eck Winter Scene Paper 9; Eena's Creations Winter Overlay 17; Decosse's Dynamite Doodles Black paper from Naturally Cool Paper Kit.
Elements: Digi Dewy Christmas Day Holly Sticker 2; Santa's Reindeer free clipart from Wilson Info
Wordart: Mandy's Lovable Designs Classic Christmas Red & Green Banner


Decosse's Dynamite Doodles said...

Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for the laugh. What a wonderful creative take on 'Olive'. Awesome job on your card as well Pat!!!


Clipping Path Service said...

Merry Christmas,This card looking so nice.Thanks for sharing.