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Monday, February 5, 2018

Hurray for Holley

I have a very good friend who is celebrating 8 years of "new life" after brain surgery. You can read her story HERE. I have only met her online but Holley has inspired me in so many ways. During the month of February, she is posting crafting questions and giving away prizes every day on her blog. One of her many sponsors is a favorite of mine, Sandra Caldwell Babycakes dnd.
Here's a card I created with one of four Celebration Sale digital images Sandra is offering this month. The image is called  1712 Doctor Hippo and I just love that she has hung up her "Hippo-cratic Oath" certificate on her office wall, although she needs to straighten it before her patients come in. Hippos are but one of Sandra's cute characters in her store. I have dozens of her images. I think my favorite one is of the three Stooges, although I have quite a few of her Santas (love them too).
Anyway, if you would like to have some fun and also wish Holley congratulations, go on over to her blog. Besides a lot of inspiration,you just might get lucky!


Denise Pustelniak said...

What a cutie!

Holley (Tondre) Barnhart said...

Super cute, i just love the oath she hung up. Wonderful card

DonnaMundinger said...

What an adorable idea! Hippo-cratic Oath is just brilliant! xD

jeanchaneyaz said...

How cute your Dr. Hippo is!