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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I Am Not Afraid of the Night

Okay, here is a departure from my normal posts, but my muse visited me today. I am loving Mondays off this year! And my water coloring muse hasn't blessed me with her attentions in a long time.
I started out rummaging around, looking for my bag of water color brushes and paints (yes, it's been that long). Then I sat down to paint some Christmas tree greens and a few baubles that hang from them. This is NOT that painting, but it's sometimes the way of inspiration, do  you agree? I painted the night sky and knew I needed a focal point, and hit upon a night owl with the moon full and bright behind her. And since it is FREEZING outside right now, I made it a winter scene. LOL
Now I want to show you an unfinished mixed media canvas that I painted with acrylics. Again, it's a snowy winter scene, using my all-time favorite color, teal. What do you think I should use as a focal point for my painting? A silhouette, I think. A reindeer, maybe? Let me know what you think so I can finish it!!

That's all for today, crafters. Hope  your Muse is visiting you often,and that you have the time to create. Happy Winter!

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