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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Wish You Were Here

We decided to take a break in the middle of our last day in Orlando, so I uploaded my photos and created a virtual postcard to send to my mom, sisters and co-workers. This morning we had a thrilling ride through and around Hogsmeade and made it to Hogwarts in one piece. I would have gone on the ride over and over again, but even though it was a virtual ride, Wendy wasn't exactly comfortable on it. And I didn't spend a penny on souvenirs today, but have a $10 gift card I'm going to use on a resort towel. It is so cool looking, will have to take a photo later to show y'all.
So, tomorrow is Gatorland, my daughter's fervent dream destination, I kid you not! And after that lovely visit, on to the second half of our family vacation!!

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