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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summer Vacation - Road Trip 2015

Hello, crafty peeps! I am away from my craft room temporarily, but I feel the need, the need for blogging! LOL You should know me by now, I am a wordy chick!
Our day started at 5 pm, or O'Dark-thirty as my friend Heidi would put it. Hubby wanted to get on the road by 6 am and he was not disappointed. So we beat the morning rush on 294 and we waved goodbye to Chicago and headed for parts south.
The view out our windshield while winding our way through the Bluegrass Hills of Kentucky.
I casually remarked to hubby that it was too bad it was such a sunny day, as I couldn't get the sun out of my eyes to see ahead. I forgot that when you're traveling in the hills, you're closer to God's ear...

So, now we've stopped in Chatanooga at the halfway point of our road trip. Next stop is Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Move over, Harry Potter, we're on our way-we just can't apparate like you can, and we left our brooms at home. Save us some butter beer!
Really, peeps, when Harry Potter World opened up in Orlando, I really didn't think that we'd get to enjoy a visit, since our kids were grown and taking the grandkids was just too much of a strain on our bank accounts. But we are all three (hubby, Wendy & I) Potter fans, so when we cast our votes for a family vacation, I was surprised and happy to make the arrangements.
Of course, Orlando is not really a vacation it's an adventure, so half of our trip, the last half, will be spent at a resort on Siesta Key, on the gulf-side of the state, lolling in the sun and sea, and sleeping in the sand. As much as I love Harry Potter, I love relaxing with the sound of the surf and a good read so much better!!
Happy crafting, peeps!

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ike said...

Oh, that sounds like such fun :-) I hope you have a wonderful time and relax. Travel safe !!

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