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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Port Washington in Water Colors

I found myself with a block of time to craft and decided to create a water color from another photo in my library. This one is from a girls' weekend away with my mom and sisters to Port Washington, Wisconsin. It is a quaint, historic harbor town about 20 minutes north of Milwaukee, and one of our favorite getaways.
If we're lucky, we book rooms with a lake view (Lake Michigan). There's a "wall" of rocks to break the waves surrounding the harbor. Many adventurous souls walk this "path" to get to the historic lighthouse. It can be seen from the hotel room window, but this particular view is directly from the path leading to the lighthouse.
The rocky path was very difficult to give definition to, but I think I managed it. I could use some more work on water and its movement, so I'll scope out some YouTube videos to guide me. I'm still thinking of taking a basic class at the community college to learn all the tips and techniques that everyone but I seem to know.
There were more boats in my photo, but I kept only two on my canvas. And of course I had to add a lonely water bird circling overhead, shopping for his dinner.
If I had the time off of work, I think I'd spend a month painting from my photos. I haven't even looked at my Hawaii album, and I'd love to do a couple sunsets over the water.
Have you ever taken a photo and created a piece of art from it? While I do like this realistic portrayal of my photo memory, I think I prefer the randomness of my other water colors where the wet paper takes hold of my paint and has her way with it, leaving me to find form where she has left lovely chaos! What's your preference?
Well, whatever it is, have fun doing it!!  Happy crafting, peeps!

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