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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Weird Animals and Some Faith-filled Fun

Thanks to many crafty volunteers, discounts and clearanced items, generous crafters and parishioners and a boss who let me have my way with the event, Weird Animals vacation bible school was a huge success. Fifty-seven kids walked into a transformed Parish Center. We offered an ocean habitat on two of the walls, where starfish rested with turtles and whales swam with fish. Jellyfish floated among the coral-scapes in the windows, and our Tadpole Territory (Kindergarteners) were smack dab in the middle of it all.
On the other two walls, kids walked around in a rainforest, complete with monkeys, owls, hedgehogs and (very friendly) snakes.
In One-of-a-Kind Bible Adventures, kids walked into a middle eastern dessert oasis, where they walked among those who walked among Jesus.
In the swamp (yes, it was very boggy-looking with lots of frogs croaking) kids watched video clips of children around the world who were different in their situations, but just like them in their faith lives.
And of course, Critter Cafe offered them yummy snacks that brought the Bible point of each day home to them.
It was an amazing week--a lot of hard work, time, planning, shopping, reworking, and SINGING, DID I MENTION THE SINGING?!
I think it will take me weeks to get those catchy tunes out of my head. But the best part of it all is that the kids loved it. One mom emailed me afterward to tell me her daughter wanted her to sign her up for next summer's VBS!!

I can't thank all the volunteers for all the extra time and help with the week. I hope that they too enjoyed their experiences as much as I did!!

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