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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Journey into the Depths of Endless Possibilities

Another journey along the path of watercolors...
Along the way, I followed a fork that let me discover the endless possibilities of my creativity.
This watercolor did not start out at the bottom of the ocean where a few stray jelly fish linger. I splashed some color onto the page, thinking of maybe a desert scene with a few cacti. But the paint and my muse took me to another habitat altogether, and I started detailing coral and underwater life. I added definition with a white gel pen.
I don't like it much. I need even more definition, more shadows and light. But as I mentioned in other posts, every canvas cannot be a masterpiece, but every canvas can teach.
In the end, I added hand-lettering to inspire me and other artists to go down the fork in the road and let inspiration and creativity lead you. The path never ends, it just twists and turns and forks into endless possibilities...
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