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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Almost forgot to post a pic of my work table today!  Can't do that, it's the cleanest it's been in months!  I can actually see the wood in my wooden table (gasp).  When my table is clean, I can actually work at my computer there.  otherwise, it's laptop balanced on my knees in the living room time.

Got a post-Christmas present made tonight and wrapped it up for my bff (Hey, Janie).  I'm thinking about blogging a month's worth of adventures of my amazing alligator, Arnold.  He's perched on the corner of my laptop, contemplating starting a blog of his own (or maybe he's just getting ready to play Candy Crush Saga).  You'll see more of him in the coming months.  Don't worry, bloggers, that's a Ty tag hanging off him. No real alligators will be harmed in the writing of those blog posts!

I got a root canal on Monday and am on some pain medication and I have this feeling that I am writing absolute nonsense, but I'm going to publish this now anyway.  Happy, crafting, all!


Tertia said...

That made me LOL. Just when I started wondering if you were on something you admitted to being on pain meds. A blog about an candy crush playing alligator? Now there's a thought.
Could be fun.
Happy belated WOYWW!
Tertia #50

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Pat, lazy Sunday arvo so thought I'd browse some more WOYWW .. your's sure is looking neat but I'd watch out to alligators - they have sharp teeth. Cheers RobynO#55

Anonymous said...

Love your workdesk! I love alligators! Yours is so cute, too! Have a great week! ~Erica #20