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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Perspective on Paradise

I never claimed to be a painter, but I sure am having fun with mixed media canvas!!  Today's canvas is a picture of paradise, but where do your eyes find it?  under the sea, floating along the waves or on the distant island?  It's all a matter of perspective!

The Little Mermaid gave up her voice in order to live on dry land.  Tom Hanks gave up his business and his brother to swim alongside Darryl Hannah in the movie Splash.  Where would you rather be?  What is your idea of paradise?

The canvas is a 12x12.  I painted it, covered it with patterned tissue papers, stamped and inked it, Stickled and Mod-Podged it.  It boasts jewels and seashells and fringe and feathers.  The color is a little off on my camera, but you can even catch a glimpse of a fast-fading sunset.

I've been so busy with a commission of Cotillion invitations and my DT responsibilities that I have had no time to paint, and thought I would take a break from my work (and my work) to let the muse ran away with me (or rather swim away with me).  Do you ever take your Muse out for a walk (or a run)?  You may be surprised where it leads you!!

Keep crafting, friends!

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TampaStamper12 said...

I love it!!! what a neat piece of art. kudos to you