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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sweet Valentines to Some Sweet Friends

Happy Love Day, all!  I am back at work and back to my crafting table after a fun weekend getaway and then some family health issues.  But almost everyone is taking a turn for the better now, and I wanted to celebrate by making some sweet treats for my co-workers.  I had wanted to give them my ATC Valentine's Day cards, but alas, I cannot find them.  i think I buried them under a huge load while I was packing then unpacking for our trip!!!  Never fear, They will pop up someday!

Meanwhile, my daughter sparked the baker in me as she made sweet treats for her boyfriend, so I made upo a batch of homemade muffins, specifically Oreo Cookie Muffins!!

This has been everyone's fave muffin since I started making them a few years ago, but I stopped when I was diagnosed with diabetes.  So I wanted to share the love, and everyone of these delightful morsels of sweetness are out of my house and given away.

Anyway, I wanted to give the two men I work with a chance at the muffins, so I decorated and embellished two clear round containers and placed a muffin in each, topping them with flowers and tying the sides with ribbon.  
One was for my pastor, to whom I delivered a
muffin this morning on my way into work.
The other was for my friend and the parish's Youth minister, who has a bit of a sweet tooth.  He came by the office while I was eating lunch and I handed it to him and he couldn't make up his mind if it were going to be his lunch or his treat after lunch!

The other two treats are for my co-workers, with whom I share my workload, my family issues, my successes and failures, my worries and my good news.  I had snagged some small white treat boxes for a mere pittance from the rummage sale that our youth group offers every summer.  One large and a small muffin fit into each box, which I then covered with patterned paper and embellished with an image from Queen Kat Designs called Elf Bride. 
The photo showcases both kinds of treat boxes that I made, and I do believe that they are now empty of their contents!!!  So I think I could call this Valentine treat a success this year, don't you?!  Hope your day is filled with love, good friends and chocolate!


Holly said...

yum! they look wonderfully delicious and I'll bet they will be so appreciated and wolfed down! too bad you can't find your ATC's!

Melissa said...

What a great treat for your co-workers! Your a sweet person Pat.

Stacy H-W said...

Those treats looked yummy!! How sweet to share them with your co-workers!! Love the containers.

bumblebee creations said...

yum! they look delish and great looking treats for your family and friends!!