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Saturday, February 20, 2010

No time to craft

I have been working so much I don't even remember what my family looks like. Take today for example: Sure I got to sleep in this morning, but there's an 8th grade event that I have to work, and I won't be home until after 8 pm.
This leaves little to no time to craft, to make dinner for everyone, to wash clothes, to have fun in general. I will have to insist on a comp day, hopefully Friday, because next Saturday I am going cropping at my sister's house, and I haven't planned one thing to do there. That would give me all the day before the crop to plan and pack!
Meanwhile, here are a couple pages I did a long time ago (last month) when I was young and carefree. I finally got my daughter's Homecoming Dance photos scrapped. I was lucky enough to have the girls over to our house before the dance, which meant I took all the photos! Although you can't see them very well, I used a lot of rub on flourishes and words to decorate the pages, and a fantastic shaker box I received in a swap (get this) a couple years ago (!). Yes, I have a problem with hoarding, just not as bad as those people on the TV show.

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