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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Garden Journal

Looking out at the foot and a half of snow out my living room window, I ponder the meaning of the seasons---no I don't, I just wish Spring comes early this year. While the snow is practically glistening in the sunshine today, my son was up at o'dark thirty to blow it off the driveway, so hubby and I can drive to work, and I have to slosh through it all because I know the parking lot won't be plowed yet.
So my mood nudged my muse, and I altered this notebook into a Garden Journal. I used papers from the Earth Girl Altereed Notebook Kit from "Hot Off the Press". The notebook was a $1 find at Target I think.
Next up I have a photo cube that's whispering in my ear "Alter me, Pat, you know you want to do it..." My big dilemna: Valentine's or Easter theme??

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