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Monday, January 11, 2010

I love this image

I received the image from a crafting friend and can't ID it. Anyone know who makes it?
I made a Valentine's carda and now a set of birthday cards with it. I had fun coloring her with my Copics, and almost but didn't quite keep in line with a monchromatic card. But I still like the colors. My daughter loves the one with white hair, because she thinks it looks "Manga". Sometimes it takes so little to please her!
I am starting one of those work weeks where I don't know when the next time I'll be able to come up for air. I have all my mailings ready to go to the P.O. tomorrow, and these cards I just finished, but now I better clean off my table. Who know swhen I'll be back to it! For that matter, I better pack up my scrappiong materials for the crop on Saturday. Tomorrow and Wednesday are my late days, since class isn't over until 7:30 pm. I'll have a whole day of cropping, then the next day I have to work an all-day retreat. Then back to work!
I would ask for a comp day, but Monday is a holiday for the school, so at least I'm off after the retreat.
I have to go to bed now, I blogged myself tired!! Night all!

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Sparkle said...

These are all so cute!